Time to call in the professionals

As January draws to an end, we are wondering where the month has gone. As ever, we have been very busy in the marina continuing to tidy up areas, renew landing stages and generally start preparing for the spring. However, there are some projects that we just can’t do ourselves.  One such project has been completed this month – the tree safety work. In the summer we had a tree safety survey prepared. All the trees in the marina were numbered and plotted on a map and recommendations were given for any work required.

Over the last two weeks experienced and very skilled tree surgeons from Cotswold Tree and Access Hire have been climbing up and down trees all over the marina, carrying out long overdue maintenance. Several trees had to be felled as they were dangerous, dead or dying, sadly Ash die back had been found to affect a number of them. Others required a fairly substantial reduction in size to prolong a healthy life. Many of the rest required dead wooding and general pruning. The men were fearless, climbing high into the trees and skilfully wielding enormous chain saws to safely take down the required branches, lowering them to the ground on ropes that had been thrown or fired up into neighbouring trees  – it was extraordinary to watch how effortless they made it look, and I think they enjoyed the work too!